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Ready to no longer feel trapped by your business?

(and no longer feel like your business is running you?)

I’m an executive-level business and life coach helping business owners find peace and profit.

You’re a high-achiever who’s accomplished a lot in work and in life but are stuck feeling drained, stressed, and like your business is running you (instead of the other way around).

I can help. After 20 years working as a personal development and business coach I know how to help integrate all parts of you and your business. You’ll no longer be mystified why things aren’t working and gain clarity, groundedness, confidence, peace of mind and get your passion and purpose back.

At work, your team will align better with you, you’ll feel comfortable in your business strategy and structure, your operations will run more smoothly, you’ll find communication effective and liberating and you’ll restore the relationships you want with your family and friends.

Do you find yourself...


You’re staying later, working harder than everyone else and not being able to take days off without your business being negatively impacted. Your team members get annoyed when you’re not there to bring in the revenue or to answer questions and your family and personal life have taken a back seat. You feel like you can’t win and are on a hamster wheel.


The voice in your head is LOUD. It’s telling you things could be better, like all the other successful people you’re comparing yourself to. You’re trying to keep up with your industry while your mind spins, wondering if your team is doing what they said they would do when you’re not there (and secretly doubting if they did it the “right” way), draining your energy. Your mind is usually focused on work rather than being present with your primary relationships.


You WANT to make some moves in your business or personal life, but then second guess that you’re not making the right choices (there are so many options!). You question and doubt yourself over and over—ultimately not making any changes at all OR spending money on resources, retreats, self-help stuff (and consultants!) you never fully use to only wind up in the same place again.

You might even feel trapped by your business.

Brandi smiling at camera

If you can relate, you’re in the right place.

I’ve met countless successful people who are earning well with a shiny life on the outside but seem stuck between two places:

Desperately wanting to be someone who embodies confidence and happiness, but are instead stuck wondering why things aren’t clicking, why their business is constantly draining them and envying “successful people” who seem to have it all,


Secretly wishing they could start all over and not be on the path they’re traveling. They feel stuck on their path of ambition and lifestyle; it’s not what they expected and they want out.

Good news...

There IS a way out! And you don’t have to scrap your entire business or surrender to the idea of life not being what you hoped for.

Nor do you have to take any other drastic measures to start over to feel safe and accomplished in business AND life.

But you can make sense of it all and find ways to bring your team together, create structures that work for you, design efficient operations and restore healthy communication in and outside of work leading to peace, clarity and profit.


Stop the cycle of overworking, overthinking, and overcomplicating your work and life... can find peace, joy, confidence and success.

You can become the kind of person that comes to terms with what they really want, faces their worries and frustrations and turns them into clear next steps that ultimately molds your life and work around YOU: Your desires, your values, your milestones, your metrics, your wins, your family and more.

You can actually feel like the person you’ve been striving to be AND have a thriving business.

Ready to make some changes? Let’s talk.

Hi, I’m Brandi Marzolino.

I’ve been an executive level business and personal development coach for 20+ years.

I mentor high-achieving entrepreneurs to redesign how they approach their life and work while guiding them through the inner work most don’t know is so critical to running a successful business and life.

My journey began as a health and wellness advocate and educator. I believe wholeheartedly that what we feed our mind, body and spirit directly correlates to our life’s experience.

After working in the holistic health field, I transitioned into the world of business as a successful business consultant to booming private practices in dentistry, chiropractic, veterinary medicine, and other team, service and wellness-based organizations.

Over and over again while helping business owners reach their record-setting metrics, I recognized a more pressing issue among my high-achieving and presumably successful clients—the disconnect between what they wanted and how their business was structured. They were trying to master an out-dated business and lifestyle blueprint that wasn’t their own.

They ended up plagued by feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration and that something big was missing from their lives. Despite their financial success, their businesses drained their energy and threatened their personal lives.

Their outside presentation was a life people wanted, but inside they felt trapped and like something was way off.

Nowadays, this is where I come in—bringing my clients a new, outside perspective so they can create the life they actually want.

With me, there’s no cookie-cutter systems or programs that you have to fit into that take you away from who you are. There is NOT a one-size-fits-all plan.

My commitment to you is to demystify why things feel off and help bring back your energy and passion for your life and work.

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What clients are saying...

Lisa headshot

“She helped me understand the difference between what I could control and what I could not control and helped me create a path of balance, security, and faith.”

I worked with Brandi during a difficult time in my life where my home life was in shambles, my office was growing and evolving and I was trying my best to hold both my family and my office together. It was exhausting. She helped me understand the difference between what I could control and what I could not control and helped me create a path of balance, security, and faith.

—Dr. Lisa McDonald, business owner

Rylan headshot

“Brandi helped me with business decisions, team building, interpersonal challenges and most importantly self development.”

Brandi’s depth and breadth of knowledge has helped me with business decisions, team building, interpersonal challenges and most importantly self development. In short, the value I have received has been so much more than what I could have expected. When I’m stuck, she helps redirect my perspective and brings clarity to the issue at hand. Life’s challenges are easier and how I face them is better.

—Dr. Rylan Gustafson, business owner

“Brandi helped me realize that this new phase of my life was no less worthy than my previous, overly ambitious self.”

As a type A personality, who has been working hard and earning accolades her entire life, I felt guilty when I decided to slow things down with my career and spend more time on what made me happy as well as cultivating a rich life for my son. Brandi, ever the active, authentic and compassionate listener, helped me realize that this new phase of my life was no less worthy than my previous, overly ambitious self. She helped quiet my angst within and I am forever grateful.

—Rachel Scott, C-suite executive

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