Courage & Joy at Work

Why I get it and why I got your back.

I’ve been coaching high-achieving entrepreneurs for 20 years as a practice management consultant in highly competitive spaces. I also ran operations and developed training and educational curriculum for large-scale companies.

What I noticed was the metrics everyone measured themselves by were based on outdated and stifling lifestyle and business models. Their success didn't equal peace of mind.

The result:
feelings of success ended up fleeting.

Their accomplishments could never fully be integrated because 1) they weren’t the ones who decided these “accomplishments” meant success and 2) after years of “doing what was right” according to “how things should be” they didn’t know what they actually wanted.

They ended up building businesses that caused a lot of frustration, resentment and annoyance and it impacted their personal lives, overall wellness and self-esteem. 

They built something that wasn’t what they wanted.

Their marriages struggled, they didn’t feel present with their kids, they only felt valuable at work and they were stuck on the wheel of working hard with little to no self care.

And you know what? I did it all and fell for it all, too.

I chased the degrees and accomplishments and accolades and self-help seminars and detoxes and workout programs and climbed all the ladders I could.

I couldn’t understand why after “chasing the dream” and focusing on “being well” (while working harder than I ever had), “earning” lots of stuff and fancy job titles, I felt even emptier inside. I was confused, numbing out and crashing on the evenings and weekends.

I just wasn’t enjoying my life. 

Everyone was congratulating me and acknowledging me on my growth and achievements. Inside, I felt like a fraud. I knew what people saw on the outside did NOT match what I was feeling on the inside. I felt alone, defeated, depressed, disappointed, angry, confused and hurt. 

The biggest realization?

I had been chasing after what others told me was the right way to do things, what was “best for me” and “needed to be done.” 

Turns out, I won the race but I lost myself along the way.

I ultimately broke free of this prison of self-limitation, did the work to untangle myself and now I want to help you do the same.

I dedicated myself to this work. 

After a rough up-bringing and oftentimes learning the hard way throughout my life, I’ve successfully earned a PhD from The School of Hard Knocks.

Let’s just say I’ve been through some shit.

I surround myself with mentors, teachers, curriculum and lifestyle practices to keep me moving forward and in practice to share this work.

With the help of my community and teachers, I developed a refined superpower of recognizing systems and behaviors that no longer serve people. 

You want to figure out why you keep bumping up the same thing over and over again? 

I can help you with that.

And hey, all of this?
It’s not our fault.

You, like me, and most of us, inherited this old paradigm of business, leadership and lifestyle “as usual.”

Sure there are lots of shifts in the business and personal development space adopting new ways of operating in a slightly more liberating structure (thanks Brené Brown), but it can be quite challenging to break free from the pack when your specific industry or family dynamic is so entrenched in a mindset that doesn’t match yours. 

AND, if your beliefs are so rooted within you, you likely don’t even realize what’s hurting you. It can actually feel terrifying at times to make a big change. I get that.

It’s why we all need some help. I learned that having someone mirror back to me and provide feedback on what I’m thinking, doing and believing has been the greatest gift for my growth.

I still do this work on a daily basis to untangle my own web. For me it’s a lifelong journey.

Today, I’m based in Michigan with my husband and cat (that I’m obsessed with) and you can usually find me hiking, rocking out to music, road-tripping, meditating, sitting in circles talking with people about life, sobriety and being a decent human, writing, reading copious amounts of books on spirituality, brain science, trauma, business and undoing the web of patriarchy and race, experimenting with smoothie recipes and trying to convince my Eastern and Functional Medicine doc a full french press of coffee is still good for me.

And, I guess I’m a bit of a peace whisperer. 

A common thing people say after talking to me? “I feel so much better.” 

Let’s see what we can accomplish together. You don’t need to keep trudging along, alone.

What clients are saying...

Allie headshot

“Brandi’s coaching and expertise have helped me feel more grounded, more present, and more clear on what I value and where I am going.”

—Allie Wittenbach, executive

“Brandi was very instrumental to my development as a leader of my practice and gave me the confidence and support that I needed.”

—Dr. Stephanie Diaz, business owner

Bob headshot

“Brandi’s guidance and shared experiences were invaluable! She pushed me to think outside the box, while allowing me to have ownership in my decisions.”

—Bob Putt, General Manager

Take the first step toward creating an authentic, aligned and sustainable business and life:

My teachers...

This list will continue to grow and evolve. For now I recognize I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work, love and efforts of:

Jennifer Moyer, Morter Health Systems, Garrett Gunderson, Kelly Diels, Dr. Gabor Mate, Anne Wilson Schaef, Marianne Williamson, Danielle LaPorte, Dr. Peter Levine, Toi Smith, Jen Lemen, Joshua Rosenthal, Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron, Pia Mellody, Melody Beattie, John Douillard, Karin Rozell, Teresa Easler, Kelly Morris, Brandon Allen, Demi McConkie, Sophia Parra, Sam Harris, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Bessel van der Kolk, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Mirabai Starr, Mary Daly, Michael Singer, Starhawk, 12-step recovery programs, all the people who’ve courageously gone before me sharing and doing the work.

I am eternally grateful and am committed to honoring their contributions to the world through my work.

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