Reach new heights in your dental business or DSO

(and feel confident while doing it)

I’m an executive-level dental business and personal development coach helping dental business owners and DSO's find peace and profit while putting people first.

I specialize in business operations, strategy, development and PEOPLE. I facilitate maximizing people's potential so they thrive and you get the best versions of them.

Together we achieve a healthy culture, strong leadership and business solvency.

You're a successful dental business professional or DSO who's hungry for more for your business and team. You've built a thriving business, and you know there's untapped potential.

That's where I come in.

After 15 years working as a personal development and business coach in the dental industry and DSO spaces, I know how to elevate your business and your people. I specialize in operations and leadership development, helping integrate all parts of your people and your business to take you higher. You’ll no longer be mystified on how to get to the next phase of your business or why things aren’t entirely aligned. You’ll gain clarity, groundedness, confidence and peace of mind. 

Your team will align better with you, you’ll feel confident in your business strategy and structure, your operations will run more smoothly, you’ll find communication effective and liberating and you’ll restore the relationships you want with your family and friends (it matters).

What I do...

Tailored Leadership Development

Your team is your most valuable asset. I focus on nurturing their talents and helping you or your leadership team become the leaders they’ll want to follow. I also understand that your dental business is unique. My approach is customized to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the strategies and tools necessary to excel. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Really. After years working alongside 100’s of offices and growing dental groups, I understand the nuanced needs of both the business and people in order to build strong and capable leaders that feel confident in what they do and serve the greater vision.

Operations and Strategy Expertise...

I bring years of industry experience to the table. I’ll work closely with you to streamline operations, create winning strategies, and drive sustainable growth. No more “one hit wonders” when it comes to banner years you can’t seem to duplicate.

Communication Mastery...

Master healthy communication by learning  the skills to communicate clearly, empathetically and effectively, enhancing satisfaction and trust between you, your team and even your patients. Difficult conversations become handled with grace and confidence, ensuring the best possible results and your team has more synergy. Healthy communication fosters a culture of collaboration, engagement and mutual understanding among you and your team members.

This is especially critical in the early stages of a DSO transition. Prevent the pain from losing critical team members or managing the fallout post-sale. 

Brandi smiling at camera
If you want to tap into greater potential and do so with ease, you’re in the right place.

You can expect...
  • Increased Efficiency: Optimize your practice’s operations and watch productivity soar.
  • Growth Strategies: Unlock new revenue streams and expand your business.
  • Stronger Leadership: Develop the skills and confidence to lead your team effectively and they know how to lead better, too.
  • Peace AND profit.

Good news...

Learn from my decades of experience

I worked alongside thriving and struggling dental offices and growing DSO’s and failing DSO’s. I’ve partnered with the industry’s best when it comes to communication, marketing, financial health, wealth management, team development, patient communication and personal development.

What I've learned...

Elevate your dental business or DSO to new heights with leadership and operations support. I'm here to support you and your team every step of the way.

Your future success begins here.

You’ve built something amazing, and now it’s time to take it to the next level. 

Together, we can boost team morale and productivity.

Your dental team is the heart of your practice. With leadership development coaching, I’ll help you and your leadership team become the leaders who inspire and motivate your teams to perform at their best. Happy, motivated employees mean a happier and more productive workplace.

We’ll streamline operations for efficiency.

Operations are the backbone of your practice, and a well-oiled machine can make all the difference. I’ll identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and create a more efficient practice, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional dental care.

Unleash Your Full Potential.

Success is about growth, and I’m here to help you achieve it. With my support, you can implement smart strategies and create a clear path for your business’ future. You’ll reach new heights you might not have thought possible.

Hi, I’m Brandi Marzolino.

I’ve been an executive level business and personal development coach in the dental & DSO space for 15+ years.

I mentor high-achieving dental businesses to redesign how they approach their life and work while guiding them through the inner work most don’t know is so critical to running a successful business and life.

My journey began as a health and wellness advocate and educator. I believe wholeheartedly that what we feed our mind, body and spirit directly correlates to our life’s experience.

After working in the holistic health field, I transitioned into the world of business as a successful business consultant to booming private and group practices in dentistry, chiropractic, veterinary medicine, and other team, service and wellness-based organizations.

Over and over again while helping business owners reach their record-setting metrics, I recognized a more pressing issue among my high-achieving and presumably successful clients—the disconnect between what they wanted and how their business was structured. They were trying to master an out-dated business and lifestyle blueprint that wasn’t their own.

They ended up plagued by feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and frustration, knowing that something was missing. Despite the financial success, the businesses drained their energy and even threatened their personal lives.

The outside presentation were businesses and lives people wanted, but inside they worried the results weren’t sustainable. They knew there was untapped potential and operations felt more like a slog than a flow.

Nowadays, this is where I come in—bringing my clients a new perspective so they can elevate their businesses, teams and leaders.

With me, there’s no cookie-cutter systems or programs that you have to fit into that take you away from who you are. There is NOT a one-size-fits-all plan.

My commitment to you is to demystify getting to the next step, streamlining processes, empowering teams and leaders and help keep your energy and passion for your life and work.

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What clients are saying...

Lisa headshot

“She helped me understand the difference between what I could control and what I could not control and helped me create a path of balance, security, and faith.”

I worked with Brandi during a difficult time in my life where my home life was in shambles, my office was growing and evolving and I was trying my best to hold both my family and my office together. It was exhausting. She helped me understand the difference between what I could control and what I could not control and helped me create a path of balance, security, and faith.

—Dr. Lisa McDonald, business owner

Rylan headshot

“Brandi helped me with business decisions, team building, interpersonal challenges and most importantly self development.”

Brandi’s depth and breadth of knowledge has helped me with business decisions, team building, interpersonal challenges and most importantly self development. In short, the value I have received has been so much more than what I could have expected. When I’m stuck, she helps redirect my perspective and brings clarity to the issue at hand. Life’s challenges are easier and how I face them is better.

—Dr. Rylan Gustafson, business owner

“Brandi helped me realize that this new phase of my life was no less worthy than my previous, overly ambitious self.”

As a type A personality, who has been working hard and earning accolades her entire life, I felt guilty when I decided to slow things down with my career and spend more time on what made me happy as well as cultivating a rich life for my son. Brandi, ever the active, authentic and compassionate listener, helped me realize that this new phase of my life was no less worthy than my previous, overly ambitious self. She helped quiet my angst within and I am forever grateful.

—Rachel Scott, C-suite executive

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