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Tired of investing in practice management consultants, marketing pro’s, leadership advisors, cutting edge technology, team-building exercises, communication courses, hiring A-game employees and investing in financial advisors, only to end up in the same place all over again?

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all “proven system” (you’re kind of over that, right?)

Together we’ll figure out what’s causing you stress, frustration, overwhelm and wondering why it feels like Groundhog’s Day everyday in your business. I’m not going to come in and force a “proven” system onto you.

Let’s just say I’m super-skilled in making order out of chaos. I can get to the root issue and help you design a business and life that’s aligned so you’re no longer feeling like you’re taking scraps while working your butt off. 

I offer intimate, high-level and customized coaching and consulting for you and your business.

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“Thanks to Brandi's guidance, our dental practice has experienced significant growth. Our patient base has expanded, and we've seen an uptick in referrals and positive reviews.”

Ever since we enlisted Brandi’s expertise to help our dental practice, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in our policies, procedures, team alignment, and overall growth. Brandi’s impact on our practice has been nothing short of extraordinary.

From the very beginning, Brandi took the time to understand our unique needs and challenges. Brandi developed a tailored plan that perfectly aligned with our goals and aspirations.

Thanks to Brandi’s guidance, our dental practice has experienced significant growth. Our patient base has expanded, and we’ve seen an uptick in referrals and positive reviews. I cannot recommend Brandi enough as a business coach for dental practices.

—Christina Cardenas, Office Manager

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What I Do:

I don’t provide cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all coaching and consulting. It’s what makes me different from most coaches. People stick around because they feel seen and heard, get results and feel better. 

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“Not only did Brandi help me achieve my personal and professional goals, but she also collaborated with me to support my team and assist me in my leadership role within my organization.”

Not only did Brandi help me achieve my personal and professional goals, but she also collaborated with me to support my team and assist me in my leadership role within my organization. Her transformative influence positively impacted my team members’ personal journeys, leading them to become better employees and individuals.

If you find yourself exhausted, time-strapped, and having exhausted all avenues to improve your whole-life balance, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Brandi. She will break down your goals into manageable steps, and before you know it, you’ll wake up one day realizing that, with her support and guidance, you have naturally elevated yourself to a higher level.

I credit a significant portion of my success to Brandi, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her and share her invaluable qualities with colleagues, friends, and family.

—Becky Donovan, Executive Leader

Ready to get started?

Personal Coaching & Business Consulting

High-level, customized coaching & consulting packages for you and your business.

Custom packages may include:

  • deep-dive business uncovering session to review high-level financials and operations and clearly define goals
  • 1:1 weekly coaching with you on business and personal
  • 1:1 monthly coaching with team member(s) or a small team
  • in-person practice/business visit intensive with a team workshop
  • virtual coaching intensives for you and/or your team
  • text/email support for spot-on coaching between regular sessions

Packages start at $15,000

Schedule a call with me to determine your needs and get your custom package recommendations.

Personal Coaching Only

Is your business running well and you only want personal support?

I also offer customized personal development coaching packages.

Similar to the personal & business package we’ll find your starting point compared to where you want to go and we’ll co-create a customized plan for you. Together we’ll unearth your deep callings and desires and discover mismatch between what you want and how you feel. You’ll see where you can take action and create change to bring peace into your life. 

You’ll feel a new sense of confidence, clarity and power you didn’t know existed within you. 

Packages start at $3,000

Schedule a call with me to find out how I can help. 

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“The value I have received has been so much more than what I could have expected.”

Brandi’s depth and breadth of knowledge has helped me with business decisions, team building, interpersonal challenges and most importantly self development. In short, the value I have received has been so much more than what I could have expected.

Brandi always has my back and is there to support me. She truly cares and is blessed to be able to understand people, their challenges and knows how to present ideas in a way that can be easily understood and action taken upon.

When I’m stuck, she helps redirect my perspective and brings clarity to the issue at hand. I never would have thought to look for a life coach but that is fortunately what I’ve found. In short, life’s challenges are easier and how I face them is better.

—Dr. Rylan Gustafson, business owner

My work typically centers around these primary areas for transforming how you lead your life and your business:



All of this is based on Your design. Your formula. Your rules. Your version of success.
I get in the trenches with you and your team.

This work is for you if you are...



Tired, bored and fed up with being on the hamster wheel of overworking, overthinking and overcomplicating.

Fed up with signing up for consultant after consultant or going to this seminar or that seminar or reading book after book on living a great life to find yourself repeating the same cycles all over again.

Plagued with a sinking feeling, like you’re not enough or something is wrong with you or your business. Things feel “off.” Your self-confidence is dwindling. You hire people to help you feel better about yourself or to plug a hole in the business, and then feel exhausted or resentful when things aren’t “fixed.”

A person who goes home, feeling too exhausted to engage with your family, beating yourself up for not being a better partner, or having more time, energy, and patience with your kids. You go to bed every night thinking you are failing at everything, yet feel confused because you are doing everything you’ve been told is “the way to do it” but not seeing the results.

A daring person who desires a new way of leading your life and work that eliminates overwhelming stress, burn out, self-doubt and drama and wants to elevate everything. 

You crave a sense of alignment and purpose. 

You crave a business you confidently can walk into.

You crave a business and team you can trust.

You desire the business not being over-reliant on you for its day-to-day operations. You want more freedom.

Intuitively, you know there has got to be a better way.

And if you are…

Ready, willing, and able to invest in yourself, and are open to do the deep, inner work that is required of you to break free of “business and life as usual.”

Motivated to get your desired results. You are tired of repeating the same behaviors over and over and are ready for a new way of operating that brings peace of mind and continued prosperity.

Courageous—you have it in you, but you don’t know how to activate it. Putting your breakthroughs into action requires courage. You may need to take new things on, and may need to drop things you thought you HAD to have. That takes courage.

Committed with time, energy, and resources. This is a priority, and you’ll want to do the work like your life and work depends on it, because it does. You want to grow.

Open-minded to new ideas and strategies. If you’re looking for me to validate the same philosophies you’ve been entertaining for years, this isn’t the place. You will be called and supported to upgrade your perspective and ways of leading your business in order to create better results with a greater sense of ease, flow and connection.

You’re Someone Who Is:

  • Driven
  • Motivated
  • Sick & tired of being sick & tired
  • High-achieving and focus on living life full out
  • Have a lot on your plate and strive to do the best

My coaching will not work for someone who isn’t willing to do the work, dig deep, and truly want change.

This coaching is for someone who’s willing to step into the unknown and have the courage to make changes.

My work is also not a quick-fix. If you’re looking for a band-aide, this isn’t the place. 

Like all things that matter, it will take some time and effort, and as long as there is willingness, the experience will be transformational with results. 

What clients are saying...

“Brandi was very instrumental to my development as a leader of my practice and gave me the confidence and support that I needed.”

—Dr. Stephanie Diaz, business owner

Allie headshot

“Brandi’s coaching and expertise have helped me feel more grounded, more present, and more clear on what I value and where I am going.”

—Allie Wittenbach, executive

“Brandi helped me realize that this new phase of my life was no less worthy than my previous, overly ambitious self. She helped quiet my angst within and I am forever grateful.”

—Rachel Scott, C-suite executive

Bob headshot

“Brandi’s guidance and shared experiences were invaluable! She pushed me to think outside the box, while allowing me to have ownership in my decisions.”

—Bob Putt, General Manager

Lisa headshot

“She helped me understand the difference between what I could control and what I could not control and helped me create a path of balance, security, and faith.”

—Dr. Lisa McDonald, business owner

Take the first step toward creating an authentic, aligned and sustainable business and life:

Frequently Asked Questions

Most business coaches focus on the framework of a business based on the same principles that have been passed down for generations from outdated parameters. They also try to push an “existing model” or “proven system” irregardless of your specific needs.

My approach focuses on the new paradigm – tapping into leadership based on YOUR parameters, giving permission to harness the inner wisdom and guidance you have and unique to you. We also do the inner work first and in tandem with the business work so we ensure alignment and not force a “business model.”

My work is a combination of encompassing one’s whole self and experiencing the freedom to design a life around what you want.

We get to the root of your issues so you gain self-awareness and can heal what’s hurting you.



The results are also sustainable. Many people experience big upticks working with other consultants then the results fade over time. This isn’t a crash-diet for your business and life’s wellness.

Check out the testimonials on this page from some folks I’ve worked with who did the work.

You’ll feel more connected to your truth than ever before.


Your passion will be restored.

You’ll become more familiar with the way you want to feel, and your decisions will be far easier. You’ll have less self-doubt. Your actions will follow your clarity.

Your business will no longer feel out of control.

You’ll experience peace and profit.

I take a custom approach and offer both Personal Coaching + Business Consulting packages as well as Personal Coaching packages. 

Click here to book a free discovery call, where we’ll discuss your options and to find out if working together is right for you.

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